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Lose Belly Fat Fast! It Is The Most Dangerous Fat! Learn More Below

Belly Fat is the most toxic fat and is the most dangerous because it sits so close to the major organs including the heart.  It holds more toxins than any other area of the  body - making it very difficult to burn this fat!
Stomach Fat sits close to the heart and major organs causing many different problems and malfunctions but because it is so toxic it is not just a danger to your health but also is the most difficult to burn if the toxins are not removed from the fat.
Abdominal Fat is the hardest for most people to lose because they don't understand the makeup of this fat - it so loaded with toxins that it is like a sludge. This is where BellyMud comes in and makes this fat simple and easy to burn the way that a car burns fuel!
Belly Fat must be detoxified! It is extremely toxic - almost like a sludge making belly fat very hard to burn! There are over 5 ingredients that help to remove toxins and speed up your body's fat burning ability. And don't forget that Belly Mud isn't just designed to make you lose belly fat it is also designed to firm and tighten the skin on your stomach or belly! Tummy Tighter Guaranteed. We use some of the most effective and highest costing ingredients to firm up loose skin on your stomach! The peptides and ingredients are designed to firm up loose skin after weight loss, saggy skin after pregnancy and even firm up skin that comes with aging!
Belly Mud™ prepared exclusively from dead sea mud, minerals as well as plant extracts. These detoxify the stomach fat! Step 1!
Belly Mud™ -don't give in without a fight and Belly Mud does more than put up a fight it delivers real results for people that want a firm, slimmer and toner stomach and mid section!
Belly Mud™ delivers without harsh side effects. Many people call Belly Mud the very best topical fat burner but the fact is that it doesn't just burn the fat. It removes sludge from fat allowing your body to easily remove the fat over time! It also firms up loose skin that often occurs after weight loss, weight gain, pregnancy and similar situations!
lose stomach fat
Lose Belly Fat Fast
Long Term Belly Fat Burn
Visually Smooth Cellulite
Burn Calories

The Best Way To Use Belly Mud?
For best results apply mud directly to belly - wrap with

wrapping cloths and wait for thirty minutes. For Belly Fat and Loose Skin Firming

  Dead Sea Mud For Deotoxification: Spas love this amazing ingredient. it is a  be a powerful way to lose inches or inch loss off your stomach or tummy. and don't forget that it deep purifies the stomach fat which allows for rapid burn of that fat and in turn weight loss tool Dead Sea Mud does what no other weight loss ingredient dares to do. It detoxifies the belly fat and pulls out these harmful toxins right away. The result is almost instant with appearance - inch loss! Over the next couple of weeks the metabolism is believed to speed up drastically as it can easily burn the fat (20 x easier) than toxic fat. The dead sea mud is also valuable for skin firming. Many spa treatments use dead sea mud just to firm the skin!
  LipoCare: Cellulite appearance and fat cell appearance gone! This is a proven combination of extracts made by the world's première extract company that targets subcutaneous fat that lies just beneath the skin. This layer of fat is one of the most toxic and also the hardest to get rid of. Lipocare is proven to visually smooth out cellulite and subcutaneous fat. It offers 3 way slimming action by stimulating the catabolism of lipids, a process that empties excess fat stored in the fat cells.
  Matrixyl Peptide: A super high costing peptide that is in the highest costing face creams on the market because it works. Your skin needs a longer collagen fiber to maintain elasticity. The peptide allows for collage and elastin to be produced. Does it work. It is the best skin firming and saggy skin tightening agent around. It works amazingly well to firm up the skin anywhere on the body. On the face it decreases the wrinkle depth and width in just days while on body skin it is guaranteed to firm up, tighten, tone as well to produce longer collagen fibers that result in tighter and firmer skin.
  Hyaluronic Acid: Moisture Infusion and super quality collagen producer by allowing the body heavy does of hyaluronic acid that is depleted in both men and women as age. Hyaluronic Acid helps skin maintain proper skin hydration levels s well as helps to ramp up collagen and elastin production in the skin. DNA carries the specific information for the cell, including how to hydrate it, while RNA transmits that that very same information. By reconstituting the skin’s DNA and RNA, Hyaluronic acid™ has a pronounced hydrating and moisturizing effect on the skin, especially effective for loose skin or saggy skin.
  Omega Blend: One of the most important ingredients for belly fat loss and inch reduction because it mimics the skin so closely the skin allows ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin and often through the skin. This makes Belly Mud 5x more effective. Secondly every living cell on the body must have omegas to reproduce properly. yet most skin is abundantly short of this major ingredient needed to keep skin collagen rich and tight - firm!
Client Testimonials
    “My stomach just got a makeover - the difference is pretty staggering!”
Rachel Herring, Pennsylvania
    “Huige difference is just about 3 weeks. My loose and saggy stomach skin has firmed up a ton!”
Fort Worth
    “Don't usually write in to companies but this stuff actually works very well!”
Mark Feller  South Carolina
What is Belly Mud?
Belly Mud is a very special mix of all-natural herbs specially formulated to help with belly, stomach and visceral fat! Scientifically proven ingredients to help lose inches and weight fast, burn calories, improve metabolism. It works by detoxifying belly fat. This is critical as it makes it easier to burn. It also uses proven peptides to firm loose skin!
What is the recommended usage I should use of Belly Mud?
The results from Belly Mud are cumulative - the more you use the better the results!
What does Belly Mud actually contains?
Belly Mud is a proprietary blend of proven spa muds and herbs that get to the very source of belly fat. They approach belly fat much more completely than any diet pill ever could. It removes the sludge from the fat that makes belly fat so hard to burn. By removing these toxins the fat can easily be burned by the body. Belly mud also uses proven skin tightening and skin firming ingredients that are typically found in $100 face creams. Belly Mud is truly the most advanced product for belly fat and for firming loose skin
What can Belly Mud do for me?
Belly Mud provides a completely smooth weight loss process that helps you control your impulses safely
and effectively. Belly Mud has been proven to be the most efficient and safe weight loss solution on the market.
Do you charge Auto Ship or Recurring Monthly?
NO! We Do Not. If you would like to reorder then you must either reorder online or call us.
How Much Is Shipping Cost?
USA Shipping is $6.50 and Canada is $13. The UK is $18.95 as well as Australia is $18.95
What is your return policy?
Complete 60 day return policy! No Questions Asked!
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