Are You Trapped By 10lbs of False Stomach Fat!


Lose Abdominal Fat? It May Be Water Retention, Toxins That Cause The Body To Hold Water and Similar Problems. Here is the Solution

Abdominal Fat is not always a pure fat! Many times it is water retention and bloating!
Stomach Fat is often 10lbs of excess water that is trapped in the stomach area.
Abdominal Fat is held until the body is made to get rid of this excess water in the stomach area.
Belly Fat will burn much easier when this toxic water and the toxins from the fat are removed!
  How To Get Rid of This Excess Water?
Belly Mud™ prepared exclusively from dead sea mud, minerals as well as plant extracts. These detoxify the stomach fat! Step 1!
Belly Mud™ is empowered by modern biotechnology and dedicated scientific research with ingredients proven to detoxify even stubborn fat. The remaining fat is very easy for the body to burn!
Belly Mud™ delivers real results without any side effects.
No upset stomachs, no diarrhea. It is a topical application that pulls toxins and allows the body to burn the remaining fat easily.
lose stomach fat
Lose Belly Fat Fast
Long Term Belly Fat Burn
Visually Smooth Cellulite
Burn Calories

Direction for Belly Mud?
Get Optimal Results! Start by applying Belly mud directly to belly - wrap with wrapping cloths and wait for thirty minutes. Over 5 Applications per bottle!

  Dead Sea Mud Detoxifies: Dead sea mud pulls out toxins and the water that causes bloating in the stomach area. It does an amazing job of pulling out toxins. You will get an almost instant inch loss that many consider to be a weight loss makeover!! Over the next couple of weeks the metabolism is believed to speed up drastically as it can easily burn the fat (20 x easier) than toxic fat. Dead Sea Black Mud is also a very potent skin firming ingredient that is used in spas all over the world just to firm skin!
  LipoCare: This is a proven herbal complex that is ultimately a combination of extracts made by the world's première extract company that targets subcutaneous fat that lies just beneath the skin. This layer of fat is one of the most toxic and also the hardest to get rid of. Lipocare is proven to visually smooth out cellulite and to work on subcutaneous fat. It offers tri multiplex or a 3 way slimming action. It is proven to work by testing that shows it has reactions by stimulating the catabolism of lipids, a process that removes excess fat stored in the adipocytes of the cells.
  Matrixyl Peptide: s Massive collagen and elastin producer that has many double blond studies to show that it works amazingly well to firm up the skin anywhere on the body. On the face it decreases the wrinkle depth and width in just days while on body skin it is guaranteed to firm up, tighten, tone as well to produce longer collagen fibers that result in tighter and firmer skin.
  Hyaluronic Acid: Hyaluronic Acid helps skin maintain proper skin hydration levels s well as helps to ramp up collagen and elastin production in the skin. DNA carries the specific information for the cell, including how to hydrate it, while RNA transmits that that very same information. By reconstituting the skin’s DNA and RNA, Hyaluronic acid™ has a pronounced hydrating and moisturizing effect on the skin, especially effective for loose skin or saggy skin.
  Omega Blend: One of the most important ingredients for belly fat loss and inch reduction because it mimics the skin so closely the skin allows ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin and often through the skin. This makes Belly Mud 5x more effective. Secondly every living cell on the body must have omegas to reproduce properly. yet most skin is abundantly short of this major ingredient needed to keep skin collagen rich and tight - firm!
Client Testimonials
    “I am amazed at how well this product works. It didn't take long and everybody in my family noticed it - makes you feel good!”
Erin Pilsner, Anchorage Alaska
    “This is a good product. I am really glad that I bought it. My skin was so loose and I had at least 15 extra pounds on my stomach. Now i can see my abdominal muscles all the way tot he bottom muscles”
Melissa Fork, Lilburn, GA
    “This is truly the best product that I have used for belly fat - My stomach fat has been a long time problem and i could not get the last 20 lbs off. In 2 weeks with Belly mud I saw amazing results”
David Phylem, Ralegih NC
What is Belly Mud?
Belly Mud is a very unique and powerful blend of dead sea mud, herbal complexes and proven peptides that is formulated to go after the belly, stomach and visceral fat! Remember that these are scientifically proven ingredients to help lose inches and weight fast, burn calories, improve metabolism. It works by detoxifying belly fat. This is critical as it makes it easier to burn. It also uses proven peptides to firm loose skin!
What is the recommended usage I should use of Belly Mud?
The Belly Mud Bottle Contains Roughly 5 Applications. The Slimming Appearance of Belly Mud results build with each use. They are cumulative - the more you use the better the results - but you will see results after just one use!
What does Belly Mud actually contains?
Belly Mud is a proprietary blend of proven skin and fat burning peptides as well as spa muds and then a potent mixture of herbs that get to the very source of belly fat and belly toxins - the main reason that belly fat or stomach fat is so hard to burn. They approach belly fat much more completely than any diet pill ever could because of the long lasting effcts of removing the toxins. It removes the "sludge effect" from the fat that makes belly fat so hard to burn. By removing these toxins the fat can easily be burned by the body and the metabolism is sped up. Belly mud also uses proven skin tightening and LOOSE SKIN PEPTIDES that are typically found in $100 to $200 facial creams. Belly Mud is truly the most advanced product for ABDOMINAL FAT and for firming loose skin on the stomach area.
What can Belly Mud do for me?
Belly Mud provides a completely smooth weight loss process that helps you control your impulses safely
and effectively. Belly Mud has been proven to be the most efficient and safe weight loss solution on the market.
Do you charge Auto Ship or Recurring Monthly?
NO! We Do Not. NO AUTO REORDER! If you would like to reorder then you must either reorder online or call us.
How Much Is Shipping Cost?
USA Shipping is $6.50 and Canada is $13. The UK is $18.95 as well as Australia is $18.95. We offer the lowest shipping prices in the industry!
What is your return policy?
Complete 60 day return policy! No Questions Asked! Very strong return policy because we know that this is the strongest product on the market for belly fat, stomach fat, visceral fat! Lose these fats now!
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