Testimonials For Belly Fat Reduction

Testimonials For Belly Mud Belly Wrap

  “I was looking for a product to Shred Belly Fat and found Belly Mud - It is very different in the fact that I was thinking that I should buy diet pills but your Belly Mud worked wonders. I have found that my body in general seems to be responding to burn the fat better. My metabolism or something has seemed to have sped up - anyway it works great!”
Faith Arnold, Sarasota Florida
  “I wanted to lose 5 or 5 inches of my waist before my family reunion - your Belly Mud got me there after 3 applications”
Irvine Texas
  “Stomach Fat Loss! It seemed beyond possible for nearly a decade. I did sit-up after setup to reduce or lower belly fat but nothing seemed to burn the fat. I tried Belly mud and for the first time can see my stomach muscles.”
Susan Carson, Central Florida
  “I  have found that to get rid of belly fat seemed to be the hardest thing but I have also learned that it is because the fat is so toxic and almost sludge like. So when I asked my Naturopath how to burn belly fat or get rid of it, he told me about dead sea mud and from there I found you wonderful product!”
Melissa Sanchez North Carolina
  “This has to be the quickest way to lose inches that I have ever even heard of - especially around my waist and love handles it worked really good! I lose at least 5 inches off my stomach with Belly Mud!”
Ricci Hargrove, New York City


What is Belly Mud?
Belly Mud is similar to a body wrap but it also contains powerful peptides that have been proven to help wih stored fat under the skin! It also uses natural herbs! These herbal complexes along with dead sea mud and minerals are specially formulated to help with belly, stomach and visceral fat!  We love it because of the effect it has on the body allowing the body to burn calories, lose inches fast and ultimately improve metabolism. It works by detoxifying or pulling toxins from the belly fat. This is critical as it makes it easier to burn. It also uses proven peptides to firm loose skin!
What is the recommended usage I should use of Belly Mud?
Each bottle contains roughly three full stomach applications for the stomach or belly area but it can be used on the hips, thighs, arms and even the neck for loose neck or turkey neck. Remember that the results from Belly Mud are cumulative - the more you use the better the results!
What does Belly Mud actually contains?
Belly Mud is a proprietary blend of proven spa muds and herbs that get to the very source of belly fat. They approach belly fat much more completely than any diet pill ever could. It removes the sludge from the fat that makes belly fat so hard to burn. By removing these toxins the fat can easily be burned by the body. Belly mud also uses proven skin tightening and skin firming ingredients that are typically found in $100 face creams. Belly Mud is truly the most advanced product for belly fat and for firming loose skin. This is important as most products do not firm up the stomach skin especially after weight loss or after pregnancy - giving birth!
What can Belly Mud do for me?
Belly Mud provides a completely smooth weight loss process that helps you control your impulses safely
and effectively. Belly Mud has been proven to be the most efficient and safe weight loss solution on the market.  It is the most effective product on the market for firming up belly skin - eliminate loose skin after weight loss on the stomach, thighs, arms etc.
Do you charge Auto Ship or Recurring Monthly Fees For Orders?
NO! We Do Not. If you would like to reorder then you must either reorder online or call us.
How Much Is Shipping Cost?
These costs may very slightly but here is our most accurate cost! USA Shipping is $6.50 and Canada is $13. The UK is $18.95 as well as Australia is $18.95
What is your return policy?
Complete 60 day return policy! No Questions Asked!
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